A supplier of goodfoodmood

Spending Time With Food

At Duni we supply innovative table top concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions to both professionals and consumers. Everything we create is designed to bring goodfoodmood to occasions where people enjoy eating and drinking.

Our products are found in over 40 markets and enjoy a number one position in Central and Northern Europe. We have about 2,300 employees in 23 countries. Our headquarters are in Malmö and our production units are in Sweden, Germany, Poland, New Zealand and Thailand. The company is listed on the NASDAQ Stockholm.

In Australia the assortment will first focus on Duni’s Table Top range; Napkins, Table Coverings and Candles. The selected range of high quality Duni product allows professionals to create goodfoodmood for Australian guests in their venues.


What We Bring to The Table

Embracing the emotional does not mean setting the rational aside. After all, providing our customers with first-rate products is how we bring goodfoodmood to the market. The napkins, tablecoverings, candles, cutlery, cups, and bowls we offer all reflect our technical expertise in bringing goodfoodmood to the table.

We Supply Goodfoodmood

Food is at the heart of every meal. And it should be. Food is a way to connect; it brings people together. Food is common ground. An inspiring setting will enhance any eating or drinking occasion and turn it into a memorable experience – a feast for all senses, not only taste.

We are not merely a provider of napkins, tablecovers, candles, cups, plates and cutlery. We are the creators of anticipation, excitement, inspiration and surprises – all vital parts of a memorable lunch, dinner or party.

Everything we innovate, everything we produce or source, everything we recommend or sell touches human senses – eyes, hand, mouth. With an innovative and inviting framework we inject a good mood into any meal experience.

60 Years of Nordic Heritage

We have come a long way during our 60 year history! Once known as a Swedish producer of paper cups and napkins, Duni is now a leading international provider of premium packaging solutions, products for table-setting and take-away.

Our exciting journey began with the very first waxed paper cup and napkin made of thin, glazed crepe paper in 1949. The first waxed paper cup became the cornerstone product for the portfolio we have 60 years later.

The First Wax Paper Cup

Duni´s first product, the waxed paper cup, has a story of its own. It all started in 1914 during a train journey where Dr. Crumbine, a Texas district medical officer, prevented a little girl from getting infected with TB. She was about to drink water from the same glass a TB-infected man had used a couple of minutes earlier, but Dr. Crumbine stopped her in the nick of time and offered her a mug that he himself had folded out of a piece of paper.

Going International

In the late fifties, Duni started to work internationally. The first wholly-owned sales office outside Sweden was established in Hamburg. Over the next two decades, Duni expanded into many markets in Western Europe, as well as in the US.

A Winning Concept

Duni became main sponsor at the 2014 European finals of Bocuse d’Or, the world’s biggest gastronomic competition and supported Tommy Myllymäki at the finals in Lyon 2015.
Duni´s operations are divided into five business areas: Table Top, Meal Service, Consumer, New Markets and Materials & Services.
Germany-based Paper+Design group - a company with a strong position in the premium designed napkins segment (primarily for the consumer market) - is acquired.