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Customised Products

Napkins printed with a personal touch enhance any meal. For a small investment they make a big impact. Our experienced in-house team can organise this for you quickly and efficiently.


The Life Cycle of a Duni Product

The life of a Duni product starts with the choice of material. We prefer renewable raw materials from trees and plants, which are responsibly grown and sourced. Leftover materials such as sugarcane fibres or recycled plastics are also a great way to upcycle and save resources.

Conscious convenience is a good reason to choose and use Duni products. We work hard to ensure good working conditions and limited environmental impact at our own, and our suppliers’, manufacturing sites.

At the end of their life, Duni products should be recycled, composted or burned to generate energy. Littering is never an alternative and landfill should be avoided. We strive to enable good waste handling alternatives of our products.

Blue Mission at Work

Achieving our goal of making our tissue production fossil free means we have to do many things. One is to focus on the table covers and napkins that account for much of our production. These are mainly produced at our four sites in Europe.

For instance, the steam we use to dry napkins at our production facility in Skåpafors is produced in our bio-boiler, which burns renewable resources such as forestry waste. That way the net emissions of fossil greenhouse gases are very low.