Add a touch of light and style

Quality Candles for Every Mood

There’s a special kind of magic about candlelight. The way it fills the air with anticipation. The way it creates warmth and cosiness. The way it makes any occasion feel special. If you want to treat your guests, treat them to candles.

Specialists in professional-grade candles, we offer colours, types and styles to suit every need. Our assortment gives you the freedom to introduce candles anywhere and anyhow you want. This includes places where naked flames aren’t allowed and – thanks to our now water-resistant LEDs – outdoor spaces too. Enjoy!


Made From Mindful Materials

You can fill the air with feel-good factor – and meet the growing desire for eco-conscious design - with our new candle holders. For instance, Led Holder Feel is made from recycled cardboard, while Candle Holder Aware is made from upcycled glass, which was once half a bottle.

If you want a caring candle holder solution that works both outdoors and indoors, consider handmade Candle Lantern Area. It’s made from durable, biodegradable bamboo. Even better, it lets you meet the growing trend for basketry and Rattan.

Why Choosing Duni Candles Makes Sense

  ✔   Premium quality

  ✔   Safe, reliable and convenient

  ✔   Indoor, outdoor and LED

  ✔   Create a special atmosphere, day or night

  ✔   Colour-coordinated with napkins and tablecoverings



Mood That Welcomes Back

In a recent European survey, 90% of restaurant owners stated they use candles to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. And 87% said they considered atmosphere important for business success. So how can candles help you maximise customer loyalty?

Professional Quality LED Candles

The LED candles (Model: MP12-E) we offer are designed for professionals. Built to last, they produce an especially rich, warm light and are easy to work with. They are remote controllable, take just 6 hours to recharge and last for 12 hours.

That way, they can be fully charged by opening time and will last until your guests all go home. To accompany them – and maximise their cosy glow – we offer a wide range of on-trend, matching candleholders.

Environmental Labels

At Duni, as part of our Blue Mission, we work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our business. It’s important to us that our products are made and used with respect for nature. Reflecting this, they may carry one or more of these labels:

The Swan Nordic Ecolabel

One of the most well-known Ecolabels in the world. It guarantees the candles are made with 90% renewable materials, have clean burning properties and minimise soot emission. Our stearin candles carry the Nordic Ecolabel.


Guarantees minimized air-contamination, high-quality wicks, strong shape-retention, no contaminated raw materials, reliability and safety. Awarded by the European Quality Association for Candles.




Put Safety First

The flickering flame of a candle is dreamy, romantic and cosy. It also demands respect: when it comes candles, safety is paramount. With this in mind, we provide RAL-quality certified candles that meet the highest standards for raw materials, reliability and safety.

We also provide clear guidance on safe usage – as shown by the icons here that you can find on all our candles. It is crucial you follow them all. That way you can create magical mood, while showing utmost care for your guests – and yourself.